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Deep Within A Woman's Heart

A love story, tested to its limits by the uncertainties imposed by a war-torn Europe, the devastating effects of long-buried family secrets and the incessant drive for retribution. The sinking of the RMS ‘Lusitania’ will change their lives forever…

The Woman Who Dared to Dare

Kim sets out to woo the breathtakingly beautiful Sasha – but to win her heart, he’ll have to do something that no other guy has ever tried before.


Autumn, 1914. As the generals take over from the politicians, and as both her husband and the man she loves fight on the front, Clara, a passionate young London wife, waits fearfully to see who will return from the fighting and what will become of her.  

Good Hope

When Cape Town is chosen for the World G8 Summit on AIDS, Scimitar – a militant Islamic cell based on the tip of Africa – plans to raze the hotel where the world’s leaders are scheduled to gather for their final press conference. The National Intelligence Agency’s best officers, Tau Molepe and Gerry Viljoen, are responsible for neutralizing the threat. But no matter what they do, they always seem to be one step behind and time is running out fast.

Misplaced Expectations

‘Misplaced Expectations’ takes the reader to Europe on the brink of World War I. In a time of enormous political, economic and social change, a disparate group of young people embark on their lives, sensing great opportunities ahead. Their successes and failures will move and inspire the reader, bringing the atmosphere of a lost era back to life.

Apportionment of Blame

When Joyce Hetherington loses her half-sister in a mysterious railway accident, she calls on her old school friend, Greg Mason, to investigate. As the two sink deeper and deeper into the case, they begin to realise that certain seemingly unrelated threads in her family story – some stretching as far back as WWII – have the potential to weave a web with far greater implications than either of them could have ever imagined.

The Wise Girl’s Guide to Freelance Modelling

The Dos and Don’ts of Becoming a Successful Freelance Model

This book will provide aspiring freelance models with the tools to get started in the fashion industry. ‘The Wise Girl's Guide to Modelling’ contains invaluable advice on how to avoid the many pitfalls of the trade and get work without having to spend money. 

To The Death

Focusing on the emergence of Christianity and its suppression by the Romans in the first century, To The Death provides a riveting fictional account of the historical beginnings of Christianity.

Jax' House

Do old houses hold secrets? Can those secrets affect the lives of people who live there now? Jack O’Hagen has moved to a house in Cornwall that certainly has a secret – a secret it is determined to share.

Top 10 Vaccine Objections

Doubts and Conversations

This work of narrative non-fiction deals with common questions and doubts people have about vaccines, using very accessible, conversational, non-technical language.

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Time Will Tell

A witty and fast-moving tale of treachery and ambition centred on a rare musical manuscript, set in the medieval past and the present day.


An adaptation in narrative verse of a children’s fantasy tale, ‘The Other Side of the Rainbow’ (1910) by Florence Bone (1875–1971), ‘Rainbow’ presents a series of magical adventures that lead the heroine and us to a greater sense of wonder about the living world.