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An adaptation in narrative verse of a children’s fantasy tale, ‘The Rose-Coloured Wish’ (1923) by Florence Bone (1875–1971), ‘Wish’ is a timeless story that weaves adventure, humour and vivid characterisation into a subtle moral tale.


In 2097, China runs the idyllic enclave of Sekabo on England’s Yorkshire coast. But can a secret from 1990 upset this settled world?

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Basic and Applied Aspects

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The Beaver Bot of Yellowstone

Pure-Play Leadership for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

As the artificial intelligence revolution sweeps through the global economy, nothing is more important than Pure-Play leadership. Using a fable, ‘The Beaver Bot of Yellowstone’ guides business leaders on how to lead their firms through the mysterious and complex cognitive transformation. Not just math geniuses, anyone can master the game with Pure-Play leadership rules.

The Unglobals

Groundbreakers in the Age of Economic Nationalism

There are emerging trends in protectionism, minimalism and even isolationism worldwide. Amid global conflicts and confusion, ‘The Unglobals’ offers personal and organizational strategies on managing globalization your own way.

The Next Right Move

Making the Right Career Steps in a Digital Age

The book is a fictional story about three characters who go on a road trip and experience technology, organizations, and work life in 2030, charting a developmental journey and pathway towards a happy, healthy, and productive life ahead.

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Love If We Can Stand It

This powerful collection of poems by Bruce F. Kawin deals with the nature and demands of love, from the sexual and romantic to the metaphysical, in an engaging variety of forms and voices. The poems are clear, fresh and vivid, with good stories and characters, and they relate plainly to real life.

How to Publish and Sell Your Ebook IN A DAY

This ebook explains how to build marketing hooks into your book, add depth to your characters, proofread your text, convert your book into ebook format, and upload it for sale on Amazon Kindle.

How to Use Facebook and Other Social Networking Sites to Sell Your Ebook IN A DAY

This ebook explains how to build an online marketing platform for your book using social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+, Ning and Bebo.

Build an Author Brand, Develop Your Amazon Profile and Participate on Kindle Boards IN A DAY

This ebook explains how to raise your literary profile and build up a readership for your book by building a vibrant author brand, developing your Amazon Central author page and participating regularly on Amazon’s Kindle Boards.

Market Your Book on Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads IN A DAY

This ebook explains how to set yourself up quickly on social bookmarking and social cataloguing sites including Twitter, Pinterest and Goodreads to promote your book.

Secure Reviews and Set Yourself Up As a Reviewer IN A DAY

This ebook discusses how to secure positive reviews and endorsements for your book and how to use them to full advantage. It explains why setting yourself up as an expert book reviewer can help build your author brand and promote your book, and describes how to do so successfully.