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Apportionment of Blame

When Joyce Hetherington loses her half-sister in a mysterious railway accident, she calls on her old school friend, Greg Mason, to investigate. As the two sink deeper and deeper into the case, they begin to realise that certain seemingly unrelated threads in her family story – some stretching as far back as WWII – have the potential to weave a web with far greater implications than either of them could have ever imagined.

The Beaver Bot of Yellowstone

Pure-Play Leadership for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

As the artificial intelligence revolution sweeps through the global economy, nothing is more important than Pure-Play leadership. Using a fable, ‘The Beaver Bot of Yellowstone’ guides business leaders on how to lead their firms through the mysterious and complex cognitive transformation. Not just math geniuses, anyone can master the game with Pure-Play leadership rules.

The Bittersweet Vine

Following her abduction, Maria Shroder wakes up in her own bed unharmed and suffering from hysterical amnesia. Strangely, the book club Maria has joined holds a clue to her disappearance, and she sets out on a journey to uncover the truth – a truth which is buried in her past. 

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This ebook explains how to raise your literary profile and build up a readership for your book by building a vibrant author brand, developing your Amazon Central author page and participating regularly on Amazon’s Kindle Boards.


Autumn, 1914. As the generals take over from the politicians, and as both her husband and the man she loves fight on the front, Clara, a passionate young London wife, waits fearfully to see who will return from the fighting and what will become of her.  

The Charlton Men

‘The Charlton Men’, the first part of a trilogy set in South London, follows two “Charlton Men” as their lives become intertwined with the fortunes of their local football club.

Chemical Attraction

For Ben and Lily, two clinical trial participants with nothing in common other than mutual dislike, is this real love? Or is it merely a side effect of their prescription drugs?

Death of a Butterfly

Art teacher Amanda returns home to find her husband, Mathew, murdered. The police have no leads and the only clue is a missing photograph album. Amanda soon learns that her husband had been taking out loans against her home, leaving her in negative equity, a fact the police are quick to latch onto. And despite the threatening letters that have been arriving daily, with photographs from the stolen album, Amanda quickly becomes the main suspect.

Terrified, panicked and with no one to turn to, Amanda flees to her aunt Dorothy, in London, where she tries to put together the pieces of Mathew’s mysterious past. Can Amanda, with Dorothy’s guidance, ever come to terms with what has happened? And can she solve the mystery before the sender of the threatening letters finds her?

‘Death of a Butterfly’ is the story of an incredible transformation.

Deep Within A Woman's Heart

A love story, tested to its limits by the uncertainties imposed by a war-torn Europe, the devastating effects of long-buried family secrets and the incessant drive for retribution. The sinking of the RMS ‘Lusitania’ will change their lives forever…

The Female Ward

Dishari, a fourth-year engineering student, thinks of her treatment of a first-year as nothing but acceptable ‘ragging’ – the bullying of younger pupils by their seniors – something she herself experienced. But as events spiral out of control she is forced to question not only this, but the very foundations of ‘civil’ society.

Forever the Colours

A young soldier injured on the battlefield of modern-day Afghanistan awakens to a nightmarish world of cannon smoke and gunfire and the realisation that he has somehow been transported back to 1880 on the eve of one of the British army’s worst defeats, the battle of Maiwand.

Forgotten Blood

Indian Soldiers in Europe during World War I

‘Forgotten Blood’, Kamaljit Sood’s first play, highlights the enthusiasm with which Indian forces went to France to fight for the British Crown. The British rulers in India, however, reneged on their promises and resorted to repression of free speech and outright massacre.