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Tao of Love

Sensitive and beautifully wrought, ‘Tao of Love’ follows Annabelle, a survivor of abhorrent childhood abuse, as she experiences the regenerative power of love.


An Anthology of Stories from Around the Globe

‘Pangea’ is an anthology of short stories by authors from across the globe, celebrating the human condition from many different perspectives against the backdrop of many different cultures, and expressing the beauty of diversity and the commonality therein.

Jane Austen’s Aunt Behind Bars

Writers and their Criminal Relatives and Associates, 1700–1900

This new book brings together Stephen Wade’s two areas of interest, focusing on the writers in the reigns of Anne to Victoria. The essays here recount and explore the prison experience of writers, both famous and obscure, who came to know the insides of Britain’s prisons.

Old, Bold and Won’t Be Told

Shakespeare’s Amazing Ageing Ladies

A lively exploration of ageing women in Shakespeare’s day – onstage and off.

The Woman Who Made Men Cry

Kim, a journalist in New York City, has found the girl of his dreams – and has agreed that she can continue to sleep with another man. A bittersweet story of passion, jealousy, and how far you can go for the woman you love.

The Woman Who Knew What She Wanted

A young man falls for a woman twice his age – but can the age-gap ever truly be bridged?

Perfect Nightmare

Earth, Air, Fire and Water form the backdrop to a tale of three characters who have a similar apocalyptic dream. Their travels take them across America where the story unfolds as the three struggle to make sense of the chaotic world of the Perfect Nightmare.

Death of a Butterfly

Art teacher Amanda returns home to find her husband, Mathew, murdered. The police have no leads and the only clue is a missing photograph album. Amanda soon learns that her husband had been taking out loans against her home, leaving her in negative equity, a fact the police are quick to latch onto. And despite the threatening letters that have been arriving daily, with photographs from the stolen album, Amanda quickly becomes the main suspect.

Terrified, panicked and with no one to turn to, Amanda flees to her aunt Dorothy, in London, where she tries to put together the pieces of Mathew’s mysterious past. Can Amanda, with Dorothy’s guidance, ever come to terms with what has happened? And can she solve the mystery before the sender of the threatening letters finds her?

‘Death of a Butterfly’ is the story of an incredible transformation.

A Spectre in the Stones

Lloyd Lewis is moving to yet another children’s home, but this one is different. It is possessed by the supernatural with poltergeists and a ghost creating havoc. Lloyd links the chaos to a nearby ravaged stone circle. But what is the link? And can Lloyd do anything to defuse this terrifying anarchy?

The Female Ward

Dishari, a fourth-year engineering student, thinks of her treatment of a first-year as nothing but acceptable ‘ragging’ – the bullying of younger pupils by their seniors – something she herself experienced. But as events spiral out of control she is forced to question not only this, but the very foundations of ‘civil’ society.

The Bittersweet Vine

Following her abduction, Maria Shroder wakes up in her own bed unharmed and suffering from hysterical amnesia. Strangely, the book club Maria has joined holds a clue to her disappearance, and she sets out on a journey to uncover the truth – a truth which is buried in her past. 


Summer, 1914. As the countdown to WWI begins, Clara, a passionate young London wife, discovers that her husband is having an affair. But when Clara also begins a relationship, she has to fight against the conventions of society and her own conscience so that she can really find love.